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3 Stylish Ways On How  Women Can Wear Their Favourite Polo Shirts

3 Stylish Ways On How  Women Can Wear Their Favourite Polo Shirts

3 Stylish Ways On How  Women Can Wear Their Favourite Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have been a staple part of men’s wardrobe since the 1930s, but women only embraced this type of shirt during the 1970s, when society became more open to androgynous fashion. While this closet staple is often perceived as a masculine garment, womens polo shirts can also make the wearer look and feel feminine.

Wearing polo shirts can be both chic or sporty, depending on what you want to achieve for the day. Here are several ways to make your polo shirts look feminine and chic for all types of occasions.

Seek Your Inner Minimalist 

The polished and chic look that you can achieve using the minimalist style will make your polo shirt look great. Sleek is often synonymous with chic, especially when wearing your favourite womens polo shirts. Using the minimalist approach, you will be able to take advantage of your clean-cut garments with neutral colours to have timeless and chic attire.

You can achieve your minimalist chic look by wearing a neutral-coloured polo shirt and matching it with your desired pair of wide-legged pants or high-rise denim jeans. You may opt to tuck in your shirt and match it with pair of stylish heels to look extra dapper with a minimalist flair.

Another option could be matching your polo shirt with a pair of slacks or skinny jeans and a pair of mules. It will give you a clean yet minimalist look without loosing losing your style.

Achieve a Trendy Monochrome Look 

Another styling method that you can use to dress up your polo shirt is the monochrome approach. It can make almost all outfits look dashing, including your classic polo shirt. Since women’s polo shirts are usually available in every colour, it will be easier to style them if you want to achieve a monochrome style.

You may wear your black polo shirt with a pair of custom-fit black slacks. This look works best if you accessorize it with bold and bright accessories to give you the necessary pop of colour. The overall attire will help you achieve a timeless and chic look.

It is also a good idea to make your polo shirt become your main source of colour for your outfit. You can achieve this by wearing a black or white set of pants and blazer and over your brightly coloured polo shirt. You may also try to be more creative and experimental by combining various colours of polo shirts with different monochrome palettes.

Make it More Girly 

Matching your polo shirt with a skirt will allow you to shift the garment’s masculine look in an instant. For example, a tailored pencil skirt can help you achieve a classy style instead of wearing a pair of jeans. You may also pair it with a midi or maxi skirt if you want to achieve a more stunning style.

You may also dress down your usual dresses to avoid overdressing during the daytime. You can achieve this approach by slipping your properly-fitting polo under the dress. You can see a lot of this style in fashion runways nowadays.

Wearing polo shirts is no longer limited to sports events. Women can start styling their go-to polo shirts any way they want, as long as they are comfortable with the outcome. So do not be afraid of investing in good-quality polo shirts for more fashionable outfit options.


Written by Ellen Hollington.