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13 Remedies for Improving Your Digital Life Using Malayalam Keyboard 

Malayalam is the only language in the world to be a palindrome when it is written in English. Malayalam is mainly the combination of two words- ‘Mala’, which means mountain and ‘Alam’ which means ‘region ‘. Thus, the literal meaning of the Malayalam language is “mountain area”. Malayalam is written in Brahmic and has 15 vowels and 42 consonants and some symbols of other kinds. Basically, in letters, the language has some of the most specific and overly complex sounds. In other Indian languages, comparable differences hardly exist. 

The Malayalam language is strongly influenced by several other languages that consist of too many loan words. These loan words have come from languages such as Portuguese, Holland and Arabic, that have become so integrated in Malayalam’s everyday use. 

Now let’s Talk about the Manglish Keyboard

We send emails, we surf the internet, we post on Facebook, we tweet on Twitter, we write journals, we write codes, we chat with different people, pay bills, we also send invoices, and finally we learn and research. How is all of this possible? It is the keyboard that lets you do so many things smoothly. Do you wanna know how keyboards make your life productive? 

Here’s the most productive list you’ll ever witness with some ideas that lets you spend time with your keyboard along with many other apps in the most happening way: 

  • Learn to use fast typing features: The first step towards being very productive is learning the fast-typing features. Various fast typing features include glide typing, voice typing, text protection, etc. All these features let you type your text fast and with accurate results so that you can update your sentences faster in the form of a journal, as a tweet, or even as a part of conversation. These features run so accurately and smoothly in Malayalam Keyboard that you’ll become obsessed with them. 
  • Learn to use every keyboard shortcut: There are various keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform so many tasks easily and without any hurdles. It lets you send stickers, emojis, change the preference, select new themes, etc. These shortcuts make you a lot more productive because it saves your time too. 
  • Use of emoticons in your conversations: The best way to bring productivity in your life is by expressing emotions. It is the emoticons that help you do that. Try using them on a daily basis to have fun chatting with people around you. 
  • Changing of languages to engage with new people: If you know other languages as well, you can download them in your Malayalam keyboard and use them whenever needed to interact with people of other regions. Try engaging with as many people as you can. 
  • Using special symbols wherever needed: Including special symbols in your conversations, especially in professional ones creates a good impression. Once you start using them, there is no going back. You start using them everywhere and people using these symbols are even called elite. 
  • Sending Gif to enhance conversions: Well, being productive is incomplete without using fun features such as Gifs. All you have to do is to include gifs while posting things online, sending cute texts to your friends and even while writing notes. It makes you happy and motivates you to write and chat more.
  • Indulging in sticker wars: In this time of pandemic, people have introduced a cool idea of sending stickers and showing their extremely chic collection. Talking to your friends and having fun is also a part of being productive. Yes, it always starts with sending cute stickers. So, how’s your collection right now? Well, now you can send those stickers in the Malayalam texts too. 
  • Changing fonts: Another step towards being productive is by changing fonts of your texts. While posting things online, people look for creativity and notice things that are not so common. Choosing different fonts to grasp their attention can prove to be really fruitful. 
  • Sending BigMoji’s- This is the time of sending enlarged forms of emojis. Yes, you can send BigMoji’s to your friends and indulge in a productive chat with your family and friends while sending fun-filled emojis like never. 
  • Writing notes every day in Malayalam language: To be highly effective in the Malayalam language, you can write notes and even publish them online. You can earn as well. People of Kerala would love to see your blogs and articles in their regional language. How about surprising them with your writing skills? 
  • Using Malayalam letters to type to bring fluency in the language: Whenever you feel that voice typing is not necessary, try using letters to type in the Malayalam language. It will build your vocabulary along with fluency in the language. It is especially important, especially when you are new to this language. 
  • Using Google translation to build new relationships: Very important tool that has been in-built in the Manglish keyboard App is the Google translation feature. Whenever another person texts you in any other language, you can simply translate it in your own language. You can also translate your own texts into the language the other person is comfortable in talking. In this way, you’ll be able to interact with people of different regions without facing the barrier of languages. 
  • Sending jokes to your friends and families: Last but not the least, a funda to be productive while sitting at home is by sending funny jokes and memes to your close ones and even publishing them online to make others laugh. People of Kerala would be so impressed to see memes coming up in the Malayalam language. 

These were some of the ways through which you can utilize the Malayalam keyboard to be really productive, especially in this crucial time of pandemic when everything is being functioned on our mobile devices mostly. LET’S BE PRODUCTIVE!