11 Best Induction Cooktops in India (2020)

The Cooktops are one of the most favourable kitchen appliances for the people in the contemporary era. However, owing to the huge competition and the extensive variety of the product, people usually get confused about choosing the appropriate model for them. Thus most people usually seek assistance by the honest reviews of home appliances by the users, which assist the searcher to select the adequate product.

Here we have brought a list of top 11 induction Cooktops in India, for you to choose the desired model:

1. Prestige PIC 20 1200- watt cooktop

The product is among the top-notch Cooktops in India because of the trust that the consumers have the renowned brand; Prestige. This cooktop is durable and is the beat for the Indian kitchens. The overall working is comparatively smoother along with the affordable cost. The product is comprised of the inbuilt features, also the buttons are provided to alter the cooking settings according to the user.

2. Phillips viva collection HD4938/01 2100 watt with sensor

This product is being launched by one of the famous electrical appliance companies, lately. The nest aspect of this product is the touch screen functioning and the sensor system that stands this product out of the box among the counterparts. Also, there are pre-loaded settings for over 100 Indian cuisine recipes, which make the product favourable for most of the Indian kitchens.

3. Prestige PIC 6.0 V3 2000 watt

This cooktop is another impressive product by the company that has already won the hearts of a million fans. The sleek and elegant physical design of the cooktop is the most preferred product among the folks. Apart from the appearance, this cooktop is quite pocket-friendly and is efficient enough to be used in almost every Indian kitchen.

4. Philips HD 4929

This product is the only cooktop in this range that is designed and manufactures in a unique way by the developers of the manufacturing company. Almost all outer body of this induction is made up of plastic and the top is made up of the glass, which is quite easy to clean whenever required.

5. Philips viva collection HD 4928 2100 watt

This cooktop is designed adequately in order to allure the customers at first glance. Also, the functioning of the product is quite impressive along with the inbuilt cooking settings for a number of Indian dishes make the product convenient for the Indian kitchens.

6. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900 watt

This cooktop has made its place in the market due to the superb cooking operation that it offers to the users. The product is loaded with approximately 8 inbuilt cooking settings along with the boiling milk setting that avoids the milk spillover while boiling. All these features have collectively made this product common among Indian buyers.

7. Usha cook joy 1600 watt

The Usha is also one of the leading kitchen appliance brands in India. This product is known for its unique features such as the auto-power saving mode that usually assist in preventing overheating. Also, the pan sensor feature is an additional advantage that allows the cooktop to switch off automatically when there is no utensil place over the surface.

8. Pigeon by Stovekraft cruise 1800 watt

This cooktop by the pigeon brand comprised of the 7 segments LED lightning display system displays the menu, and the soft-touch buttons are designed in such a way that water could not penetrate inside the cooktop from the corners of the buttons. Overall it’s a good product to choose for the Indian kitchen.

9. Havells Insta cook PT 1600 watt

The havells brand is the reputed electrical appliances brand. This cooktop is as well loaded with approx. 6 inbuilt cooking settings for the Indian kitchens and the features such as the auto power off and pan detector makes it feasible for the customers to cook in an effective way.

10. Preethi trendy plus 116 1600 watt

The lately launched brand in the town and few cities across the nation is as well impressive in comparison with the other available products in the market. The special feature of this cooktop is the maximum heat transfer to the utensils that ensures the minimal heat loss during the cooking, hence makes the product efficient.

11. ibell 2000 watt glass induction cooktop

being the newest product in the Indian market, this brand provides the number of excellent features that allure the customers to buy the products. The internal mechanism is built in a way that it is compatible to work with the conditions when there is a voltage fluctuation. Hence, this product is appropriate for such conditions, and it is also affordable as compared to the other brand products.

To sum up, one should search for the best induction cooktop in India before deciding to buy the cooktop for their kitchens.