100 Doors Puzzle Box

100 Doors Puzzle Box

100 Doors Puzzle Box

Video games are now becoming popular in this digital world. There are so many outstanding games created by so many leading companies. Almost all the people belonging to any age group like to play games. Some are seeking for new games more often. Then for you I got a new interesting game. Are you all ready to play this fantastic game?

I can introduce this as a wonderful game for the puzzle lovers and also for the players who love to discover hidden things. In this game the 100 Doors Puzzle Box you get 100 doors to open and there you have to discover hidden objects beyond these doors.

I really love the graphics of this game. It is very interesting and I feel that I am like a kid when playing this game. The graphics are cartoon, but very attractive. And also, I love the nice and cool animations also. This is very easy to play. I like it if it becomes somewhat harder with the number of doors that I am opening. But still I love the game a lot. Along the puzzle you will meet with many interesting sessions and you will never be bored while playing this 100 Doors Puzzle Box.

I think you will be able to memorize your childhood even if you are going to play this game. Because this is similar to a toy. You have to go around, then you have to open hundreds of doors and also more happily you have to search for hidden objects also. Ha Ha!! Hide and seek. The main goal for this game is you have to escape from each and every room in the game. Then you have to open the doors in each room and then with the help of some items you need to find hidden objects.

It is very easy to play this game and you can play this stimulating game for free. To play this game you need some brain also. If you need improvement in your brain cells you can play this game 100 Doors Puzzle Box. You will be able to solve different interesting puzzles and go forward through the game.

There are some small issues that I found associated with this app. One of those are too many ads that are viewed from time to time. Normally when a door opens an ad is viewed. Sometimes it is annoying to some extent. The other thing that I found was a lack of clues to solve the puzzles. The puzzles seem to be very easy. But I like it if there are more clues than now.

How to install 100 Doors to Puzzle Box

You can use Google Play Store to download and install this game for free. If you are unable to download this game via play store you can directly download this game apk files from internet. It is the worst way to install games on your phone. Do not directly download apk files from internet. Because it is unsafe and you will not receive future updates for that game. Instead use any third-party app store to download those Android Games. You can use AC Market. AC Market offers wide verities of Android games and apps for free. You can find more information about this store and how to install guides on :