10 Well-known Baby Girl Names That Start With B

Do you know the baby names starting with B demonstrate utmost happiness and peace? Girls, who have first names with ‘B,’ possess a sensitive trait and always think of people from an unbiased perspective. 

Despite being soft-hearted and introverted, they are highly friendly and compassionate. If you are going to be a mommy-to-be, naming your baby like ‘Beverly,’ ‘Brunette,’ ‘Bracelynn,’ ‘Brennda,’ will showcase your baby’s potential. 

As far as numerology is concerned, the letter ‘B’ is similar to number two, and girls having this numerical are discreet, generous, and prefer to work behind the scene. Therefore, those parents who want their munchkins to have corresponding traits must opt for well-known girl names that start with B.

10 Popular and Liked Baby Girls Names from ‘B’

From CocoFinder’s list, the top 10 baby names are shown below for your convenience. 

1. Bradley

The name ‘Bradley’ is a top-notch English name that emerged from a top place and meant ‘broad meadow’ and ‘broad wood.’ In ancient and contemporary English, Bradley is often a common choice for parents. 

That’s why it outshines in popularity and becomes well-known girl names that start with B. Although it has a bit unisex approach, still, girls’ parents love to gift this beautiful moniker to their munchkin and maintain gender parity! 

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2. Bailey

Bailey is a popular baby girl name and gently pronounced as ‘BAY-lee.’ It was derived from ancient English, and its profound meaning includes ‘city protection,’ ‘berry clearing,’ and ‘bailiff.’ 

‘Bailey’ has surprisingly become a well-known name among USA parents because of the eminent author ‘Bailey White.’ Other celebrities who are holding this cutest name are Bailee Madison, Bailey Sarian, and so on. 

3. Bracelynn

The name ‘Bracelynn’ is a popular American name and emerged from both the names ‘Bray’ and ‘Lin,’ which do not have any cultural significance. 

According to various parents, it has arrived from Gaelic-Scottish culture, where ‘Brae,’ means ‘hill,’ and the Welsh word ‘llyn’ means ‘lake.’ 

Therefore, the complete name ‘Bracelynn’ signifies ‘a mountainous lake.’ However, this name ranked 397th, the well-known girl name that starts with B. So, if you are opting for this name for your little one, she will love it indeed! 

4. Beverly

‘Beverly’ originated from the old English region, where it means ‘beaver stream or meadow.’ Your newborn kiddo will be more fascinated to protect the environment and also love that given name! 

As far as popularity is concerned, the name ‘Beverly’ ranks 6761. It looks a bit outdated; still, parents go crazy after this name. Some popular and all-time favorite ‘Beverly’s’ is Beverly Garland, popular TV actress Beverly Smith, a 54 year TV show host, and Beverly D’Angelo, a movie actress. 

5. Ballerina

Would you like to see your baby as a world-class ballet dancer? Therefore, the name ‘Ballerina’ will be a top-notch choice for your bundle of joy. However, this name is a well-known girl name that starts with B, which means ‘ballet dancer.’ 

Adding more fame to it, Actor Jeremy Sisto used this sweet word as the middle name for his daughter Charlie. Your newborn is absolutely a pure epitome of cuteness, smartness, and love. That’s why your dancing girl deserves this incredible moniker ‘Ballerina.’ 

6. Barrett

If you are rummaging for the well-known girl name that starts with B, ‘Barrett’ would be an unparalleled choice for all the parents-to-be. 

If you belong to Germany and have an extreme inclination towards your tradition, naming your baby girl after ‘Barrett’ will demonstrate your passion and her significant personality. Such a cute and popular girl name means ‘bear strength.’ 

However, the masculine sounding name ‘Barrett’ has some renowned celebrities like Barrett Martin, Jacinda Barrett, etc. 

7. Brunette

This well-known name, ‘Brunette,’ originated from Latin and gained immense popularity among parents. 

So, if you have recently given birth to the cutest baby girl who has brown-skinned or brown-haired, naming her ‘Brunette’ will be a classic choice for your little munchkin. 

Apart from its Latin and Italian origin, it has ranked 6109 in the popularity list, where it is a renowned variant of the name ‘Bruna.’ 

8. Blanca

‘Blanca Is a famous girl’s name that belongs to Italian, ancient German, and French roots means ‘white and pure.’ So, your newborn will be a personification of purity, holiness, and liveliness. That’s why it is considered a significant and well-known girl name that starts with B. 

The name ‘Blanca’ is an old derivative of the Italian names ‘Belianca’ and ‘Bianca.’ The parents with the traditional and old-fashioned traits often name their daughter’ Blanche,’ which is quite a pretty offshoot! 

9. Belle

You must have heard of Belle Perez, a renowned Belgian-Spanish musician, and songwriter. So, naming your baby girl ‘Belle’ will showcase her inner beauty as it means ‘beautiful.’ 

If you belong to French roots, this dulcet name for your baby girl will be so much appreciative and impressive to everybody out there! Moreover, the name is ranked 1626 on the popularity list and will gradually acquire more in the upcoming days! 

10. Brennda

The name ‘Brennda’ is one of the top-notch Scottish baby names from the list and also a well-known girl name that starts with B. So, a popular baby girl name appears from the Old Norse name ‘Brenda,’ which means ‘Sword,’ or ‘torch.’ 

However, it was previously utilized only in the Shetland Isles of Scotland. It was not restricted to one country, and later it spread throughout the world. One of the veteran heroines ‘Brennda’ appeared in Sir Walter Scott’s novel ‘The Pirate.’ 

Concluding words

In a nutshell, when it comes to opting for a baby name, things can get highly complicated for all the parents. 

In order to narrow things down, if you rummage for bold and beautiful well-known baby girl names, the aforementioned list of top 10 well-known girl names that start with B will simplify your search. 

The prominent names on this list have been chosen from a wide variety of places, which can be the most famous monikers for your cute one. Hope this helps!